• John Hicks, Governor

    Ann Cormican, Lieutenant Governor


    Libertarian Party of Kentucky

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  • Liberty, Civility, Election Reform

    Liberty for All

    We stand for the principles our country was founded on. Government exists to secure our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Powerful interests tend to co-opt and control government. John opposes crony capitalism and corporate welfare, where government picks the winners and losers in an industry.

    We lose our freedoms one bit at a time, usually when mobs are shouting “Do something!” John knows that a disarmed citizenry cannot remain free!.

    Governmental attempts to control its citizens are counterproductive. The outlawing of hemp in the mid Twentieth Century destroyed a major cash crop in Kentucky, created a new class of criminal, filled our prisons with good people, and ruined lives by rendering people unemployable because of their prison records. We favor the full legalization of Cannabis (i.e. hemp) for all uses and the expunging Cannabis convictions.


    Kentuckians are tired of all the shouting and name-calling from their elected officials. Let’s ignore the shrill voices pitting us against each other. Let’s recognize the seriousness and complexity of the problems we face. Let’s resolve to sit down and work together in good faith and in an atmosphere of mutual respect. John Hicks and Ann Cormican have both worked in industries where teamwork and mutual respect are necessary to get the job done. We know the importance of good communication, of gathering all the facts, of building consensus based on those facts, and of implementing a solution in an efficient manner that works well for all concerned.

    Election Reform

    Your vote should always count. Today, it doesn't. Ranked-choice voting lets you mark your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices, instead of just 1. Then, votes are tallied in an instant run-off fashion, until the candidate with more than 50% wins. Currently, candidates can win with less than 50% of the vote. We think this is wrong and contributes to extremism, where the candidate wins with the largest voting block of extremists, not the centrists, independents, and 3rd party voters.

  • Biography

    John Hicks


    John has worked in three critical areas that have prepared him to be a great Governor in today’s challenging world:

    Schoolteacher – Taught public school in the Jefferson County Ky. School System for two years. Member of JCTA, KEA, and NEA teachers organizations during that time. John understands students, teachers, and the nature of education.

    Community Newspaper Publisher – Founded and published a weekly newspaper in Fern Creek, Kentucky, for 10 years.

    John knows the critical importance of communities, communication, and cooperation.

    IT Consultant – (30+ Years) – Worked in multiple industries in systems engineering, networking technology, and system security. Elect a tech-savvy Governor!


    Other details:

    • Born and raised in Kentucky (Louisville's Highlands and Jeffersontown).

    • B.A. from Stetson University in political science, minors in economics and history.

    • Vietnam Veteran (Draftee, Army).

    Ann Cormican (KOR-mi-ken)

    Lieutenant Governor

    Ann works at the Toyota Motor plant in Georgetown. She earned a bachelor of science degree in agricultural economics at University of Wyoming and also studied at Iowa State. She supports the mission of the non-profit "Institute for Justice," who litigates to limit the size and scope of government power and to ensure that all Americans have the right to control their own destinies as free and responsible members of society. Let love rule!

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